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It will open a new window where you have to follow these steps. Step 2 We can run our bug from “Saved Searches”. Saved Searches Preference Saved bugzilla tutorial pdf download preference gives you the freedom to decide whether tutodial share your bug or not to share. Bugzilla is a Defect tracking tool, however it can be used as a test management tool as such it can be bufzilla linked with other Test Case management tools like Quality Center, Testlink etc. Choose the option as per your need.

Step 1 Pdff on saved searches, it will open window with the option like bugzilla tutorial pdf download, don’t share, canconfirm, etc. Business Analyst Project Management Informatica. Apart from that you can also use other option like send mail to bug assignee, change several bugs at once or change column of the screen, etc. This will give the graph of amount of work done in percentage against the set-deadline.

Insurance Companies rely heavily on Software to run bugzilla tutorial pdf download business.

In the graph below, the most severe bug or blockers in components are 88 bugzolla bugs with normal severity is at top with number. From that Bug-list, bugzilla tutorial pdf download your Bug ID to see more details about the bug. It will open another window, where information about your bug can be seen more in detail.

It will generate a report with crucial information. There are many changes you can do which are self-explanatory, and you can choose the option as per your requirement. Alpha Testing is a preliminary software testing performed to identify bugs You can also add additional information to the assigned bug like Bugzilla tutorial pdf download, keywords, whiteboard, tags, etc.

In next step, we will demonstrate one of this function change column of the screenbugzilla tutorial pdf download which we will learn how to add or remove the column to the existing column.

ddownload Recovery Testing is performed to determine whether operations can be Reports are helpful in many ways, for instance if you want to know which component has the largest number of bad bugs reported against it. Step 4 when you click on the component, it bugzilla tutorial pdf download open another window. Big Data Live Projects Blog. Excel Tutorials Accounting Ethical Hacking.

Python Perl Linux JavaScript.

Bugzilla Tutorial for Beginners

Software Systems helps them to Step 1 To set the e-mail preferences Click on e-mail services Enable or disable the mail to avoid receiving notification about changes to a bug Receiving mail when someone asks to set a flag or when someone sets a flag you asked for When and from whom you want to receive mail and under bugzilla tutorial pdf download condition.

What is Protocol Testing? You can select deadline date and also status of the bug.

The idea behind graphical report in Bugzilla is to define a set of bugs using the standard search interface and then choosing some aspect of that set to plot on the horizontal and vertical axes. Step 3 Likewise ttuorial have searched for Bugzi,la status as well, and it has fetched bugzilla tutorial pdf download bugs related to our queries. The graph below shows the Bar chart representation for the Bugs severity in component “Widget Gears”. E-mail preferences E-mail preferences enable you to decide how to receive the message and from whom to receive the messages.

This extra-information is helpful to give more detail about the Bug you have bugzilla tutorial pdf download.

Here we will see how to change the general appearance of the Bugzilla. In the same window, you can also change the assignee, QA contact or CC list. What is Recovery Testing? Bugzilla Tutorial for Beginners.

Step 2 As soon as you click tutofial browse button a window will open saying “Select a product category to browse” as shown below, we browse the bug according to the category. Cloud Computing Photoshop Digital Marketing. You can also get a 3-dimensional report by choosing bugzilla tutorial pdf download option bugzilla tutorial pdf download “Multiple Pages”. Also, at the bottom of the screen you have various options like how you want to see your bug – an XML format, in Long format downloxd just Time summary.

Bugzilla Tutorial for Beginners

All the Bugs created under particular category will bugzilla tutorial pdf download listed over-here. Bugzilla Components are sub-sections of a product. Deadline downlad Bugzilla usually gives the time-limit to resolve the bug in given time frame. Step 1 We will first learn the “Simple Search” method. After marking your option at the end, submit the changes. What is Alpha Testing? What is Smoke Testing?