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To get information about specific interface we need to pass its interface number as an argument.

Once it full, switch automatically starts removing old entries. Enter reload command from privileged exec mode. Except Guest post submission, for any other query such as adverting opportunity, product advertisement, feedback, suggestion, copyright, error reporting and technical issue or simply just say to hello mail us ComputerNetworkingNotes gmail.

Basic Switch Configuration Guide with Examples

We can use show mac-address-table command to list all learned devices. For administrative purpose, switch automatically create VLAN 1 and assign all its interfaces to it.

The first up indicates the status of the physical layer, and the second up basic cisco switch configuration commands pdf download to the status of the data link layer. Use end command to return in privileged exec mode.

Switch automatically adjust duplex mode depending upon remote device. Configurqtion with password, if configured. In following example we would assign IP Switch basic cisco switch configuration commands pdf download this table to make forward decision. Along with User Exec mode we can also secure Privilege Exec downoad. If router automatically enter in this mode, then it indicates that it fails to locate a valid IOS image.

Switch name can be set from global configuration mode. You can also clear these tables manually from privileged exec pd. Once you are connected with device, all remaining authentication are same.

Download practice topology for basic switch configuration. Switch config username [Username] password[test] Or Switch config username [Username] secret[test].

Allow you to connect with remote devices, perform basic tests, temporary change terminal setting and list system information. It will list all possible commands that begin with letter e. To explain basic switch configuration commands, I will use packet tracer network simulator software.

Learn how to configure and manage a Cisco Switch step by step with this basic switch commands and configuration guide. Remote server authentication is a complex process and not included in any entry level exams.

Type Yes to save configuration, or No to exit without saving when asked in the end of setup. Setup Used by router to create initial configuration, if running configuration is not present Parameter[Parameter value]: We also have to set default gateway IP address from global configuration mode. Switch supports both local basic cisco switch configuration commands pdf download remote server authentication.

It also includes high level testing and list commands like show, copy and debug. Running configuration is stored in RAM. By default first five 0 – 4 lines are enabled.

Basic Switch Configuration Guide with Examples

Allow you to set operating parameters. Passwords are used to restrict physical access to switch. Both commands do same job. For example to force switch to use configutation duplex mode use.

You can execute the command in current condition. We could change this mode with any of other supported mode.

Cisco Networking Academy’s Introduction to Basic Switching Concepts and Configuration

Router Use enable command from user exec mode Use exit command Global Configuration Contain commands those basic cisco switch configuration commands pdf download the entire system Router config Use configure terminal command from privileged exec mode Use exit command Interface Configuration Contain commands those modify the operation of an interface Router config-if Use interface type number command from global configuration mode Use exit command to return in global configuration mode Sub-Interface Configuration Configure or modify the virtual interface created from physical interface Commands config-subif Use interface type sub interface number command from global configuration mode or interface configure mode Fownload exit to return in previous mode.

Two global configuration commands are used to set local user database. No separate configuration is vonfiguration for further modes. You only need to use single command.