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Can something be done? I am still amazed at the level of detaileffort and love that went into making these games. Power Politics and Planning c.

This will work straight off the screen if you have anything red and transparent to look through. I had just about deus ex strategy guide pdf download myself to scanning my own copies and you saved me hours of work!

I ought to do that with Monkey Island 2. You are the best! Also, how come the midi sound sucks compared to that used in the SDL version http: Wow, a complete pdf version of the Noctropolis comic book. Thank you so much for your great work! It looks like everything over Mb or so got broken in a WordPress update.

In the meanwhile, if you do a clean U4 install and just install deus ex strategy guide pdf download VGA patch it appeared to be working. Will link to download in a couple of weeks. Looks like the link to Zak Strztegy hints revealed is broken. I love your uploads and think you very much for preserving them for posterity — a forgotten era where games were actually better with designers and programmers not subject to over-competition.

Literary Terms and Definitions P

I knew my new host was too cheap not to have a catch. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. What scanner do you use? Pretty useful, especially for myst. Also, you may or may not know, but almost all of the original Sierra On-Line hint books are available for download at http: Ghide Manuals – CoverGalaxy.

Make sure you specified correct file name. And real scan of spec is awesome. Thanks mate, this is truly awesome!! If you check the origin part of the site stragegy can find a lot of scans of manuals and references from the Ultima games. Ultima Underworld Japanese Cluebook Art. Guides over at RD can take months, sometimes years until they are available for download there.

Sierra must have redone all the older guides as I remember many of these using invisible ink that you had to colour over using a marker. The Beast Within guide on the same shelf.

Once again, thanks for your amazing work on providing all these docs.

Thank you for all the effort you have put into scanning these book! Just a little question. Thank you for saving these manuals!

Absolutely awesome stuff here. Please let me know, and thanks in advance. It should be fixed now drus you want to give it another go. Great that you make all of the cluebooks available!!

Homo Deus_ A Brief History of Tomorrow – Yuval Noah Harari (1).pdf | Aaron Kaviza – 01

Thanks all of those, especially Les manley in search for the deus ex strategy guide pdf download, I always curious about what is the parts price question. Logo animation is too fast compared to the C64 version but is slower than the one mentioned in my initial posting.

That would be great. Now when I start the game, the logo animation is there but still is way to fast. I came here for the WC books and these are a fine read! Alternating pages with the red stripped out is a good idea. I only just found this site, but this is all absolutely incredible. Ingame speed when applying only deus ex strategy guide pdf download VGA patch that also includes music is also too fast which becomes obvious from monster animations in fights. I also have three strategy guides not listed here hexen 2, quake 1 and sacrifice.

I used to have the physical copy of it I bought at an EB Games before it basically fell apart from being read too much.